Games Academy Spring 2020 – Ragnarough

Ragnarough invites you to battle your friends for the glory of Valhalla!

In this fast paced local multiplayer game you will throw various objects and punches at other players to be the last Viking standing. Drink from the golden pint to gain power ups! Best your opponents and be crowned the Champion!


  • Players: 2-4
  • Controller and keyboard support
  • Various throwables: barrels, bottles and stools
  • Golden pint power-ups: Health, Speed, Power, Shield Up
  • Graphics: Very Nice
  • Fun: Yes

Download the game from!



Crash Bash’s Crate Crush served as the main inspiration for this project. We wanted to make something fun to play with friends, and the stylized and colorful visual style was selected to reflect this. Using Crate Crush as a reference we were able to keep the core mechanics simple and the scope was easy to manage; we were able to implement pretty much everything we wanted, while also having time to add some polish.

The development ran quite smoothly thanks to a dedicated project manager, assigned tasks for the team members, weekly meetings, and through active team communication. Overall the entire team put in great dedication for this project, and we’re pretty proud of the result.

We hope you will like it!


  • Tommi Mäkeläinen: coding, UI, project management
  • Pasi Mäkitalo: coding
  • Pauliina Lahti: coding
  • Beya Staaf: Concept art, texturing
  • Mikko Laitinen: 3D modeling, sound effects
  • Antton Lehtinen: music

M0ti and Crash Ball (release name might change)

Story behind Crash Ball.

We started with 4 person team in mid January and our game idea was player climbs mountain in 3D platformer with some simple problems for player to solve. Our vision was never clear inside team and that lead to motivation problems what lead to communication problems.

After 6 weeks at time of first playtest with Gareth we had little something but mostly nothing. Reason for this was that only two out of four team mates had committed anything and what was committed felt and looked bad. We decided to kill that project.

We formed new two person team, M0ti. The very morning we killed old project we started new one with smaller scope to fit two person team and the lost 6 weeks.

New project named Not Crash Bash (renamed to Crash Ball later)

The game idea is more modern version of Crash Bash’s game mode called Ballistix. A simple 2-4 player competitive local multiplayer airhockeyish/football game, where every player plays a goalie in a small arena and tries to keep balls out of their goal and get them in other’s.

The basic design we copied from Crash Bash and we made playable game in three days. Then we added Pulse mechanic that pushes nearby balls outwards from player. After that we started adding Stunball, Magnet mechanic, ball trail chancing color. Making menus took time but we did do something different like color selection from Hue.

Big improvement we needed was controller handling and we decided to buy Rewired for Unity via asset store. Game Academy paid for two copies of Rewired that we needed, thanks! We added sounds late and we used FMOD for better sound handling and control. Implementing these two tools to project took time since it was our first time using these tools but both are easy to use once you read some documentation and check some tutorials.

Thanks to Rewired and FMOD!

-Toni Sundell, Max Louhio

Edit: Link to game download