GA Spring 2021 – Curse Of The Amulet

The Project


The project is part of the spring season in Games Academy and its goal is to introduce the students to 3D-game development and deepen already gotten skills in Unity and in game development in general.

Our team started the spring season with a clear idea on what we wanted to do. That idea came to be Curse Of The Amulet.

The game

Curse Of The Amulet is a atmospheric, action-packed adventure game, with challenging gameplay. The game has multiple enemy types that offer a variety of challenge.

Skeletons vary from regular, mace and helmet equipped and bigger chief skeletons. The forest is also filled with giant mushrooms and possessed trees that offer a the player a unique challenge.

Giant Mushroom


The player has two ways of fighting the enemies, sword and a spellbook. The  sword is a reliable way to deal damage up close even to multiple enemies at once. The spellbook has four unlockable spells for the player to use against the enemies. These spells are hidden throughout the forest, only the fireball already unlocked from the start.







The Game consist of two levels, The Forest and The Castle. At first our idea was to make three levels, one of them being a dungeon level, but we decided to scrap it. Throughout the project we wanted to keep the scale adjustable so we wouldn’t have to make too many compromises on the game. We also wanted to make sure to use every asset and mechanic we created, so nothing was wasted.

First level: The Forest


Level starts in a decaying forest where the player quickly is introduced to the combat and the enemies. Player moves through three arenas where they will collect their weapons and keys from the enemies to advance deeper in to the forest.

Arena, with fireball and skeletons
Deeper forest

In the deeper forest the player will try and collect the remaining spells, find a way to the castle garden and open the gate. There the Old Castle Guard awaits them.

Old Castle Guard

Second Level: The Castle

The Castle is a smaller and more linear area. This way we could ensure that  the experience is as fluent and engaging as possible for the player.

Castle dining room

The castle is home to more tougher skeletons and a skeleton chief who guards the key to the great hall. There the player will meet the Cursed One


The Story

Game starts with a flashback of the player encountering an ominous figure that strikes the player down. Once the player wakes up in an decaying forest he will start the journey to meet his destiny.

The Encounter

After a few encounters with skeletons, giant mushrooms and not forgetting the tree trunks that seem to come alive. The player finds himself at the gates of the castle garden.

There the player will find The Old Castle Guard who guards the key to the castle. Once the Guard is defeated, the player can enter the castle where the ominous figure awaits. Once the skeleton guards are defeated and the door to the great hall opened the player will find The Cursed One.

After the One is defeated the player must choose, will he destroy the amulet that corrupts its owner, or will he embrace it and harness its power?


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Eetu Pohja: Programming

Ville Raunio: Character Artist

Eszter Puzsik: Environment Artist

Mira Opukhovskaia: Character Artist

Jaakko Joenperä: Team management / Level design

Aleksandra Pere: Story

Eini Kuha: Art

Special Thanks to Lauri Kullas for creating original music for our project.

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