Dante’s Infernya – GA Spring 2018

Dante's Infernya logo

Genre: 3D action platformer

Platform: PC

Team: Period of Play ( Mikko Voima, Jari Salonen, Gerda Skrūzmane, Jemina Aittomäki )

We really, really like cats. That’s one of the things we bonded over during our first game project – Lethal Tentation – and so we decided to stick together and dedicate our new game to our beloved pets.

Portraits of five cats that are pets of the game developers

Dante’s Infernya lets you play as a mischievous cat on a mission to cause absolute chaos in his owner’s apartment. Destroy breakable items and misplace others as you try to avoid being caught and taken to the Box of Shame.

The main core of the gameplay consists of 3D platforming across furniture, hiding from the human AI and using the swipe attack to knock over items. The cat also has a super jump that can be precisely aimed to access hard to reach places.

During this year we also participated in the Bit1 student game competition, and Dante’s Infernya earned 3rd place and will be one of the games representing Finland in the White Nights game conference in Saint Petersburg at the end of June.


Our game is available on our Itch.io page –


Currently only as a Windows installation file.


Keyboard / Mouse:

  • Movement – WASD / arrow keys
  • Camera – mouse
  • Jump – space
  • Super jump – hold left shift, aim with mouse, release to jump
  • Swipe – left mouse button / E
  • Pause – ESC

Xbox One controller:

  • Movement – left stick
  • Camera – right stick
  • Jump – X / Y / A / B / left stick press
  • Super jump – hold left trigger, aim with right stick, release to jump
  • Swipe – right trigger
  • Pause – Start

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