GA Autum 2023 – Teuhon Rakennusyhtiö and Jumpnaut

Jumpnaut is a game about taking back your job from the evil hands of AI. This job you ask? A construction worker of a massive space elevator ofcourse.

One beautiful August day, our team (Teuhon Rakennusyhtiö oy) came about the idea from a list of classic games. A Donkey Kong/JumpKing mesh. At first, it was thought to be more JumpKing heavy, but later we thought “It’s not very fun now, innit?” So we switched gears and focused more on a fun platforming game rather than a rage game.
Unlike the original Donkey Kong, the players of Jumpnaut could pick up items, throw them and even catch them in midair! The game could also be played with friends. So long as there were USB sockets free, there would be a way to fit another friend into the game.

The development started off with a swift playable demo right off the bat (Just a bunch of jumping squares but hey, a start is a start.) After this, development stagnated a little. Team communication was lacking so the plan became less clear. Time was passing by.

After a serious meeting, our team smacked some sense into one another and started working harder, as time was running out

Eventually with some sisu and quick wit, we finished the project. Some features were cut but most stayed intact for the final release.


You can download the game from the following link:

Jumpnaut is a product of Teuhon Rakennusyhtiö (Teuho Construction)

Members of the team:

Juho Teulahti
Alex Yli-Paavalniemi

Sami Riihiaho
Eelis Simonen
Essi Miettinen
Anette Sillman

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