GA Autumn 2020 – Penguin Rescue

Game name


Penguin Rescue is a 2D platformer game where the player goes through different levels while saving their little friends and eliminating hungry dingoes. The adventure is nothing without dangerous traps, such as ice spikes coming from the ground and icicles falling from the ceiling. That’s not all; the player also needs to beat the timer on each level in order to continue the game. The player gets health back by eating the fish that jump around the levels.

The game is easy to learn and fun to play. The game is challenging but not too hard, and it fits well for someone who hasn’t played a lot. The timer encourages players to go for the best time, and what’s more fun than comparing the results with your best friend, right?

Download the game from this link:

Jumping fish


Our team, Hungry Hamsters consists of two programmers and three artists and we are all first year Games Academy students. Our mission was to make a 2D game by using one of the given old-school 2D arcade games as a reference. Our top two options were Bubble Bobble and Dig Dug, and after an intensive discussion and planning with the team we ended up with Bubble Bobble.

Pretty quickly it was clear that we would use the reference game only to generate ideas for our own game. Little by little we managed to figure out the game we would like to make; a platformer much like Bubble Bobble. The objectives of the game were formulated along the way, which took a bit of time to figure out. When we were clear on the objectives, it was easier for programmers to focus on coding and artists were able to start planning and creating the game graphics.

We generated ideas throughout the project, but we had to leave many features behind due to strict time limit. Our team worked well together, and we were able to discuss things with honesty.

The biggest issue we encountered in this project was the fact that we had to work remotely for the whole season. It brought new challenges our way and had an impact on all team members. Despite these challenges we were able to make a good-looking and entertaining game and that’s what we should be proud of!


  • Running and shooting platformer fun!
  • Rescue cute little penguins from predators!
  • 9 levels
  • Hazards such as spikes and falling icicles
  • Timers in levels encourage speedrunning
  • Get ratings from each level; replayability!
  • Fun and sleek graphics
  • Solid and addictive gameplay
  • Controller support

Hungry Hamsters:

  • Aleksi Asikainen, programmer
  • Lassi Ojainväli, programmer
  • Sanni Kataja, artist
  • Salli Ruskamo, artist
  • Eini Kuha, artist



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