GA Autumn 2022 – Blorbo the Cat

Blorbo is all about speed. Inspired by classic bomberman, blow and seek a way through forests and caves, take down creepy ghosts and all while moving as fast as you can!

The game project was created by our lovely team Bluescreen:

Jaeryeong Choe – Artist

Hannes Karttunen – Artist

Eetu Vartiainen – Artist 

Teemu Herrala – Programmer

Jesse Vuorela – Programmer

Inka Harilainen – Programmer 

Say hi to Blorbo and download the game here!

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Before we even started actual development inside Unity, we set rough but simple goals for our gameplay loop – originally leaning towards more of a point system with speedy completion acting as a multiplier. This was scrapped reasonably early into the process, as we decided simplifying the score to just be the time itself. After that change, we started building around that core identity.

Development progress for the game was a combination of slower periods followed by crunch pre-presentations and especially closer to the deadline. However, overall the pace was steady.

Early development

The overall visual style of the game came together fairly quickly, and most of the development time was spent polishing how everything felt and fit together, making sure to have good visual clarity and readability. With a consensus on a simple palette and low resolution pixel art, the team set off to build the game.

We had some rough ideas for a really simple narrative to base the game off of, but in the end we mostly used that for ideation, with none of the story ending up in the game itself due to a want to focus on polishing the actual gameplay.

Arguably the game came together pretty well. There’s a working gameplay loop, which encourages replayability to shave off those few extra seconds to beat your own times. We’re happy with our progress, especially since most of the team had no experience in game development before!

We’re looking forward to continuing with our team on the upcoming 3D-projects, and we hope to enjoy the process even with some stumbles!

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