GA Autumn 2022 – Bombaman


Team Bombaman was created in the beginning of Autumn Semester for Project 1 course. For our game project we chose the arcade game; Bomberman.

The game’s idea is to kill the enemies with bombs, while getting help from power-ups and getting to the exit without dying (single-player) and in multiplayer to win you need to kill all other players (maximum of 4).

Our plan was to use the core mechanics of bomberman and add a twist or two to our version of the game. We added a local multiplayer to the game since everything is more fun with a friend. We had 2 ideas at first: witch themed one and penguin themed one. We put it to a vote in our discord channel. In the end we went with the penguin one.

Below are some concept art of the game:

Concept art of powerups!
(enemy that didn’t make it to the final game but looks cool.)
Concept art of enemies.
Concept art of player character.
Early concept art of game world and characters.
Multiplayer lobby

Design/development process

First the coders of the project started working on the single-player aspect of the game: getting movement, bombs, explosions and enemies to work. Then we started to work on local multiplayer side of the game, menus and other UI elements.

The artists produced rough animations and visuals of both ideas before choosing the penguin theme. We knew from the start how we wanted the main character to be like, and we had huge plans for scary enemies that run towards you or attack beneath you! In the end we didn’t have the time to implement it all.

Game dowload link:

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