GA Autumn 2022 – Boom Plague

Boom Plague

The idea of our game is a competitive multiplayer one on one rendition of Bomberman where players are pit against each other on round based skirmishes where the goal is to destroy the other player with bombs with the help of different power ups that are dropped by destructible blocks. There is also a skill based component in the ability to kick and push the bombs placed so players can try to catch each other off guard with a well timed push and explosion. Rounds are fast and power ups are plentiful so the game stays fun to play.

Progress of the project 

At first we were making a single player level based Bomberman game, but pretty soon we switched to multiplayer, mostly because we thought it would be more fun to play. At the start we focused on the base mechanics, such as player character, bomb and game stage functionality and art. At the midway point we started focusing on the flow and functionality of the game itself, such as scenes, managers for game states and rounds, UI, menus, audio and settings. We also refined and added to the mechanics such as the power ups and bomb kicking. Later on we focused on polishing the game, adding different UI elements, lots of small but impactful animations, more sounds and transitions for scenes and rounds.


Link to game

Boom Plague by Vaeiski

Team members

Eino KammonenProgrammer
Tuomas AntikainenProgrammer
Ville NurmiArtist
Johanna SaukkonenArtist
Leevi OksanenArtist

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