GA Autumn 2022 – Kauntlet

For this autumn seasons game project our team Secret Cyborgs chose Gauntlet as the inspiration for our game Kauntlet.  

Gauntlet is a dungeon-crawler arcade game, where the player has to navigate through a maze while shooting hordes of enemies and collecting treasure. 

We decided to keep the basic mechanics of the original game and remade it with our own theme of Kalevala and Finnish mythology. 

Development process

Our team started by doing some research on Kalevala to find inspiration for our game. For our player character we decided to make “Väinämöinen” who is one of the central characters in Kalevala. For our enemies we decided to make goblins as well as “Louhi”, who is a villain in Kalevala. We wanted to make “Louhi” similar to the enemy in Gauntlet called “Death”, who deals a substantial amount of damage to the player.


After deciding on our theme for the game, the programmers started working on a prototype while the artists were working on figuring out the visual style for our game. For our first prototype we had character movement with some interactable objects, an enemy and a prototype of our main menu. 

After the prototype, we focused on getting the core mechanics in order. We then added different enemies, collectibles, traps and teleporters to the game. We also focused on adding small details to the game, such as some small animations for the collectibles to make the game feel more alive. 

Lastly we added some levels to the game.


From the game:



Daniella Azouer
Jesse Rajala


Maria Zapf
Jonna Lehtomaa

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