GA Autumn 2022 – Team Remix


At the start, the team decided to pick a platformer for our genre, and we chose Bubble Bobble as our inspiration. We decided to keep the single screen arena feel but ended up splitting the bubble mechanic to 2 different characters. The characters are split between combat and utility form where one can kill enemies and the other can create platforms to help traversal. 

Development Progress 

In the beginning the progress was slow as we had differences in opinion with the design and had to iterate it multiple times to reach a satisfactory result. After the design had been locked in, we started the development. With artists splitting their work between Characters, backgrounds, and platforms. Coders decided to work a feature at a time rather than a rigid split of responsibilities. 

Midway in the development we were clearly behind and had to reorganize our team management to help members coordinate their work. With more clear roles and improved development progress we were able to get in the missing animations and additional backgrounds. After the slump in the middle, we managed to implement all the planned features and most of the planned artwork in the game. 

The game came fully together late and as a result we had a massive jump in quality between the last feedback round and the final version of the game. But in the end, we made it. 

Download the game



Samu Pulli 

Lauri Kalliola 


Alina Leinonen  

Lauri Vahosalmi  

Nina Korkeamäki 

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