GA Spring 2023 – Cyber Scythe

Just you and your scythe against the AI that has taken over…

It’s the typical story, really. The world has fallen into a dystopia governed by an evil AI, and you, the titular Cyber Scythe, with your titular Cyber Scythe, are the only one who can stand against the oppressive robot overlords. Can you get through the levels and find the mastermind AI behind it all?

[Download the game at!]

The only time you see Cyber Scythe sitting still.

Based on classic PS2/Xbox era platformers, Cyber Scythe by Team 404 combines platforming and light combat, and features an unique, eyecatching aesthetic with plenty of fun details to spot.

It’s like a spooky rave church, but it works. – Gareth Noyce, 2023

As with the team’s previous game, Mänteater, the theme (in this case, “neon medieval cyberpunk”) was settled on early, and the artists set to make the style happen as the programmers started building up the basics. The very basic blocks of the game were built early and fast, but around the mid-season the game started to slow down, causing some troubles finding enough time to finish everything needed. Still, the towards the end the team managed to pull together a working game, learning a lot in the process — about Unity, 3d artwork creation, game design… themselves? The real Cyber Scythe was inside you all along.

There are numerous tweaks, polishes and cleaning up one could still do, but even without them the game works as intended, and offers the player a fun, short action platformer experience, that has an unique look, small environment-based narrative and clear progression.

This game was created as a part of TAMK Games Academy 2023 Spring Semester by a team of six students.
Programming: Eetu Hentunen, Jesse Leppä, Kristian Törmä
Art: Nika Toikka, Ronja Heimonen, SM Aho

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