GA Spring 2023 – Malt Hazard by Team Börsta


👨‍💻 Programmers: Ville Lehdonkangas and Juuso Kemppainen
🎨 Artists: Jonna Pentti and Oskari Ojala


Our idea was to create a simple arcade game. The player would accumulate score by reaching the top end of one of three track platforms, while avoiding hazards which traverse through the track platform it was spawned on and which will eventually fall off of. The track platform would have speed value which increases after the respective top end has been reached by the player, which would pull the player towards the track platform’s bottom end and ultimately to their death.

Upon starting the run and after reaching a top end of a track platform the player would be positioned on safe platform where the player could move sideways and choose a track platform to jump on top of.

It was planned that, after the player reaches every track platform’s top end the length of the track platforms would increase. This feature was scrapped.

Power-ups weren’t planned. Player having multiple lives wasn’t planned, but made to the final build.

It was agreed, that the player character would be a dachshund, the hazards would be rolling barrels and at the top end of a track platform would be beer to represent the goal.

Development process

The development of the project was active right off the bat, which was rendered nonexistent, because there wasn’t enough planning, communication and/or feedback, until the second to last weekend before deadline.

The core gameplay was implemented before the deactivation of development and the rest was implemented after the reactivation of development.


There’s not much to tell about the art, as one of the artists fell very ill and had to leave for a long sick leave, thus being incapable of working.
There was concept art of the cute Dachshund, “Mäyris”, that was supposed to have multiple outfit choices, such as a literal “mäyräkoira”, a 12-pack of beer.

Mäyris in his default outfit
Mäyris with his 12-pack-outfit

The artist did start to model the dog, but soon realized they didn’t have enough time to finish it due the deadline, as they faced some problems with the model and had to start from scratch couple of times.

Model at its current state, ready to get scrapped once again

Malt Hazard download link.

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