GA Spring 2023 – The Forgotten Ruins

The Forgotten Ruins

“The Forgotten Ruins” is an isometric adventure/puzzle game with a desert themed environment. The player is a humanoid fennec fox who explores the ancient ruins, solving various puzzles and defeating enemies on the way.

Progress of the project

The project started by deciding to use the style and game play of Tunic as a base. Originally the goal was to include multiple levels, but these were cut due to time constraints. To aid the player in their adventure, they can discover several abilities to assist them in defeating enemies and solving puzzles.

The theme was set to low poly desert as artists were keen on the idea of having a humanoid fennec fox as a playable character. This theme was also simpler to implement as a lot of desert themed objects are often very simple geometrically and can be covered in sand if necessary.

The development was rocky and ended up in a crunch towards the end. Several features required vastly more time than what was planned, and many planned features ended up on the chopping block. Moving to 3 dimensions from 2 was its own challenge and ended up costing a large amount of time.

Link to the game:

The Forgotten Ruins



Alina Leinonen

Nina Korkeamäki

Joonas Aro


Lauri Kalliola

Samu Pulli

Tomi Sepänmaa

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