Game Camp 2022 – KitsuCare

No download yet, game still in development but it’ll be here… eventually

Game idea

You adopt a pet which isn’t like how you expected it to be, though you don’t really mind it. Like any pet yours requires food and affection to thrive. Other than that you’re not sure what else to expect. The most important thing however is that you have given your new pet a loving home.

KitsuCare is a virtual pet game for Android. Currently there’s basic care (feeding, petting and a pet sitter for when you’re busy) in the game. There’s also a minigame you can play to earn in-game currency and one functional item you can buy with it. You also have stats and achievements you can look at in the game. Only some of the endings have been implemented so far.

Development in 2022 (been in development since 2020)

After getting more feedback I realized some of my design choices were still well… bad (or at least too unintuitive), so I changed some of them for the better. Surprisingly many things needed to be tweaked and there were also some bugs I needed to fix. At the start of Game Camp, I thought that I would work on my game’s endings during most or at least half of it. Turns out even minor improvements take surprisingly long to implement, so most of Game Camp was actually spent on those and finishing working on one unfinished feature.

What you think you’ll work on next will be delayed for a while if you discover bugs or improvements that are a clear improvement in your game. I’ve learned not to give a release estimate after the two earlier years of KitsuCare’s development. The important thing is that I’m still developing it and getting closer to eventually releasing it.

My next priority is implementing the endings. After that it could at least technically be called a finished game and I at least imagine it’ll stop feeling like an unfinished game. At this point most of the work for this game is already done, which has made me patient with making tweaks and improvements. I want to release a game I will be proud of having made.

After implementing the endings I can start thinking about what features would be a nice bonus to a game that is otherwise ready. I’ve gotten great suggestions for potential extra content, and I’d definitely like to have them in my game (though I am a one-person-team and will think more about if I will add more content later and what would it be).


Juniper Julkunen – developer

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