GameCamp 2023 – Unfinished Cat Game

Game idea:

Our initial plan was to make an Ultimate Chicken Horse like party game but later on the development we ditched build mode and racing aspect and made it more like Duck Game type multiplayer chaos. Players pick up weapons from pedestals and shoot each other until the last player is alive or it is a draw.

Our sources of inspiration were Ultimate Chicken Horse and Duck Game.


At the start of the project, we had multiple meetings in which we discussed what we want to do and what we need to do in order to achieve our goals. We made a trello board, where we put a to-do list for both programmers and artists. We planned our weeks and separated the work into smaller bits.

Artists could have used trello more, and updated the board more actively, so that other team members could have been up to date on what’s going on.

The biggest challenge was summer break and the motivation of the people. There were also different things happening in peoples’ lives that affected the project. The project should have been more simple so we could get the better final product.¬†









Game Art and Screenshots:

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