GameCamp Summer 2019: Ancestral Recall

Team Makkaraperunat

Sami Sipari – Programmer
Santeri Sivula – Programmer
Ville Heikkinen – Artist
Toni Mutanen – Artist


Ancestral Recall


Ancestral Recall was supposed to be an adventure game where the player would fight against monsters, solve puzzles and do reaction based feats to progress in the game. The player would also gain the attributes from his previous playthroughs (the characters ancestors). But due to problems with development the it was decided to simplify the game into a turn based combat game, where you and the enemy decide three moves that will be executed simultaneously. The point of the game is to clear maps with a boss at the end of each map. Defeating the boss gives you an ability related to the boss (Not implemented because of development issues).


Battles are pretty much rock-paper-scissors

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