GameCamp Summer 2019: Steampunk Shooter

Members of ‘Työttömät’

Ville-Veikko Nieminen: programmer; player behavior, UI designer
Toni Silventoinen: programmer; physics & enemy behavior
Jouni Lahtinen: 3D artist
Teemu Kivioja: 3D artist, level designer

Steampunk Shooter (working title)

The Game

Steampunk Shooter is an FPS (first person shooter) in which the player tries to survive in a city which has been taken over by robots. Player has two guns to choose from: a handgun, weaker in terms of damage and range but has infinite ammo, and a railgun, a rifle-like gun with greater damage and range but has limited ammo. Player also has a jetpack which allows for a short burst of flight.

The main enemy players face are humanoid robots of two variants; gun wielding and bare-fisted. Robots with guns stand back and try to shoot the player from afar whilst bare-fisted robots try to rush to the player and beat them with their fists. When player kills an enemy they may drop some extra health or ammos for the player to help them progress. At the end of city there is a giant spider robot who serves as a final boss. Player wins the game by defeating them.


Robots patrolling in small group.


Enemy behavior

Enemy spawn points contains prefabs of enemies and patrol points.
They have ability hear from fixed distance, calculated from navmesh path. Additionally they can navigate to the next corner where sound was coming.

Enemy ability to see have been made with direct raycast to player and calculated angle as see cone, if player is seen enemy comes directly to shoot (or hit) distance and attacks. Hit rate is randomized. If player is only heard enemy checks sound source point and after goes back to patrol points. If player is seen and then not, enemy goes fixed distance to direction where player was seen to go and then starts random patrol there.

Final boss have also ability to spawn little spider robots.

Final fight.
Enemies coming
Railgun scope view


We started the development wanting to make an FPS game but we didn’t know what kind of theme it would have. We settled on a steampunk-ish theme pretty quickly.

Throughout the development we thought of new ideas and mechanics to include and whilst some were included some had to be left out. Originally we wanted to have more guns for player to collect and use but eventually we settled on the two guns available. We also wanted to give player some melee option but as the deadline came closer and no development was done for it we decided to give the handgun infinite ammo instead so player always has some way to progress.

Overall there are lots of things that could be made better and we believe it could be made to into a great game if we were to continue its development.

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