GameCamp Summer 2019: The Guardian of Dawn

Team Spaghetti Games

Jaakko Panula – Programming
Eetu Tirkkonen – Design, Music
Roni Kähäri – Art
Miika Ronkainen – Art

The Guardian of Dawn


Awake again, after eons of sleep. Why now? What came before?

The Guardian of Dawn is a top-down adventure game set in a verdant forest of time long past. You must seek out curious relics to forge your way forward and find your purpose.



The game features two different items that let you traverse the world in different ways. The holy flame will light up dark areas and let you burn enemies, and the teleporter orb will let you instantly move as far as you can throw. The Guardian can also attack enemies with his fists, as well as block incoming attacks.

The game features two original piano-focused songs to set the mood, amazing colors and environments to explore and a protagonist who, while silent, is totally adorable.



Arrow keys / WASD – Movement
F – Attack
G – Defend
H – Spark flame
H (hold) – Extinguish flame
J – Throw teleport orb

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