GameCamp Summer 2020: COWBOY SHOOTER


TEAM 1+2

Daniel Bardo (Programming)
Juho Mansikka (Programming, enemy design)
Jaakko Leskelä (Level design)


Game idea

At first we just wanted to make a simple FPS game in one week but weren’t really happy with our progress so we decided to stretch the development time to few weeks. The game is inspired by the old school 2D FPS games and we went for a western style. Player has to shoot enemies that are moving towards them and clear the level of all baddies.



Our development didn’t go very smoothly. At the start of each development week we talked about what each team member would do for that week and then everyone worked independently for the rest of the week. This lead to some issues with build conflicts and we didn’t use Git very effectively. Better, more frequent communication would have alleviated a lot of the issues. On the bright side, we did a good job splitting the tasks between members and we each knew what part of the game we were working on.

We didn’t have an art department so we resorted to using Unity Asset Store and Google images for majority of the art/graphics.


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