Games Academy 2021: Rift Hopper

Rift Hopper


Our team Sigma Katz decided to remake the original Pac-Man with a little twist. We wanted to add multiple different themed levels with procedural generation, so that every level will be different from each other. Travelling between levels happens through rifts, so this is how the game got its name, Rift Hopper.


The goal of the levels is to collect all the coins without dying to the enemies.



  • Single player 
  • 3 different themed levels 
  • Procedural generation so every level is unique 
  • Multi-room system 


Creepy Castle; where you must watch where you step or you will burn.



The project started in September. It began with a brainstorming, and we quickly got ideas of how to modify the classic Pac-Man. The basic idea was to make a game with multiple themes, new graphics and some interesting features. We decided that each level should have a different theme, so every artist can have something entirely their own to work on and show off their styles.

This semester was very busy and we had other very time consuming courses, so many of the level ideas and different types of power-ups were dropped off. Game is still a work-in-progress, but most of the basic elements are implemented.

This project taught us much and it was a good learning opportunity to us all. The most important thing we learned from this project is that communication and weekly meetings are important in order to keep on the good pace.


Team Sigma Katz 

Aleksi Karppinen – Art 

Olivia Koivisto – Art 

Tomas Wass – Art 

Santtu Syväsalmi – Art and sounds 

Otso Alenius – Programming 

Ville Vennonen – Programming 

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