Games Academy Autumn 2017 – D.A.S.H.

The starting screen for D.A.S.H

Kot Kot:

Toni Sundell – Code

Kalle Vikström – Graphics

Kimmo Heinonen – Graphics

Aino Kuismin – Graphics

D.A.S.H. – The Dimensional Adventures of Sir Hissington is a puzzle game centered around a simple dash mechanic. You are a Scottish golfer lost in different worlds due to an elevator that moves between dimensions.  Your only solution to move forward is to dash through different enemies and try to find your way back home. In each level there is a possibility to earn a golden star by dashing through all of the enemies with an optimal amount of dashes.

Here you have to dash through all 4 enemies in one move to get the star.

Along the way you will encounter different monsters, angry police pigs, flaws in the matrix, flying pizzas and lava to name a few. There are currently 30 levels divided between 3 worlds. The worlds have unique themes, enemies, obstacles and music.  As you complete a level you unlock the next one, so you can’t skip any puzzles. D.A.S.H. is a simple but challenging mobile game.

You died.

In early development we all took a sheet of paper and wrote down ideas for what we’d like to work on. After comparing thoughts and combining things, we ended up with a puzzle game for mobile centering around one mechanic. We wanted different worlds and a simple cartoony graphical style. So our core idea was pretty much set after the first brainstorming session.  We kept the scope small yet we still had to scrap a few ideas. For example at the start we wanted a customizable main character,  power ups and 5 different worlds. Even though we had 3 members working on the graphics, the amount of work spent on art and animation was going to be too much for the time we had.

Our coder did a fantastic job working solo on the game’s code. He reached pretty much every milestone we had and always delivered exactly what was asked of him. The only difficulties we had were with the animation and timing them correctly. Luckily we managed to get them working pretty much as was intended. We were also going to add different particles and lighting effects to increase atmosphere and make the game feel more alive. In the end we ran out of time, so we just added a simple light for the levels and a strong spotlight for the main character.

As for the graphics we decided to divide all the work for each of the 3 artists based on their skills and interests, so that everyone got to do the part they wanted and felt somewhat most passionate about. Early on we decided how the game was going to look and we agreed on the graphical style.  Most of the time was spend on making animations for the character and the enemies. We wanted to make them more interesting with different movements. We think that despite that we all have a different style of doing art we managed to make the game worlds and characters look and feel very good and consistent.

The internet master race surfer deserved some lighting as well.

A playable version for Android can be found here:

D.A.S.H. – The Dimensional Adventures of Sir Hissington


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