Games Academy Autumn 2017: The Night of the Lizards

The Night of the Lizards
by Pet Lizards

About the game

The game tells a story of a person having the worst hangover of their life, turning their night into a series of encounters with lizards and other creatures. The genre of the game is roguelike and it works like Mystery Dungeon games. The main character goes through randomized dungeons with different sceneries. There are lizards who will attack you along the journey, but they will also drop power-up pills that make you stronger. The enemies get stronger the further the player advances in the game but luckily the power-ups stack. There is a boss fight every 5 floors. The goal is to advance as many floors as possible aim for a high score!

The game is playable on PC and uses keyboard as controls.

Main character going through a swamp level.

Design process

We wanted to make a RPG game originally. At first we were thinking of having more elements in our game, like different classes, weapons and companions. Those ideas were scrapped quite early in the process as we realized that we wouldn’t have enough time to implement all those ideas. We chose to aim for a simpler game we could finish in time.

From the beginning we wanted to make a game which would have replay value. This is why we were thinking of making many enemy types. We ended up making 4 types of enemies: a weak enemy, an agile enemy and two different bosses. To add more replay value, we were first thinking of having different classes or slight character customization, but decided to stick with one main character only. Instead we decided to make randomized dungeons so every playthrough is a little bit different.

Main character in a boss fight.

We hope you’ll have fun playing our game. You can download it here.

Thank you for reading!
Pet Lizards

The Team

Pet Lizards
Antonio Rodrigues da Silva Neto (Team Leader/Programming)
Matias Bergström (Programming)
Anna Topolova (Art)
Oona Paavilainen (Art)

Lassi Kähärä

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