Games Academy Autumn 2018 – Actias Luna

Nothings sucks quite like someone busting your party, scaring off your friends, and forcing you to flee to the forest. But then again, in such a situation arises the chance to be a hero, no matter how small you feel! In Actias Luna, despite you’re but a little moth, you have a chance to be that hero. Your task is to find and save your friends that were scared off by fungal monsters, and get out of the forest. Be fast and clever, and jump to your heart’s content! The adventure in the forest is just beginning.



Marko Halin: Coding (platforms, enemy AI, sound implementation, etc )
Johannes Isoaho: Coding (physics, camera, movement, level implementation, etc)
Iida Kontkanen: UI design, character designs + animations, level design, background objects
Sampo Jumisko: Background art, platform designs, particle effects
Markus Mittilä: Game music
Mikael Vanninen: SFX, game music


Actias Luna is a game where your task is to find as many friends as possible and escape through the monster ridden forest with them. You’re but a moth, so punching doesn’t help here! You need to be quick and clever, and get past the monsters by using your ability to jump and grow flowers. Each level introduces new challenges for the player, and has some  small exploration elements.

The game itself features altogether 7 levels, original music and SFX, as well as original art-work, level design, animations and coding by our team. The game was made with Unity, and all the art was made using Photoshop, with animations being frame-by-frame and background and background assets being digital paintings. Coding was done with C#, and Sourcetree was our go-to to keep everyone up-to-date on the project.

WASD – move
Spacebar – Jump
Interaction is done through walking the player sprite to an item


Our game’s development process started off very differently, and we ended up going through several different ideas and iterations before we decided to finally do a 2D platformer.

Our ideas in the beginning included a simple RPG (too complex), a puzzle (which took too long to design ) and several others, but finally we ended up with our final iteration. Our team eventually chose to create a simple one player 2D platformer that takes after, for example, Mario, Hollow Knight and Ori and the Blind Forest. 

Main character design

After having reality slapped to our face a few times, we got to work and started creating Actias Luna. It was a long and arduous process, but through a very harsh crunch and constant communication, we managed to get done what constituted as an actual game, with 6 levels, mechanics, and no game-breaking bugs (as far as we knew ).

After the final presentation and a playtest we arranged, our game has gone through quite a bit of development based on the feedback we got. We added more foreground and background objects, updated the controls, camera and menus, and also added one additional level. Our future plans for the game include an release and maybe fixing some bugs if (when) any more of them crop up.


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