Games Academy Autumn 2018 – Captain Flat Earth

Captain Flat Earth

Tsuit-Tsait Games’ Captain Flat Earth is a simple 2D platforming game with a unique idea taking inspiration from the flat earth society’s theories. In the game, you play as a scientist, who is visited by a “god” of the said society. He receives a magical shield, which he uses to block “madness and false
round-earth conspiracies”.

In the game you solve short puzzles while collecting evidence to prove the Flat Earth theory right. You visit both sides of the Earth, finding magical creatures and causing havoc.

The game features 3 levels and was made with Unity. Assets are vector graphics and made to look like flat, almost paper-like. Game features short cut-scenes to help understand the story. Some features include double jump, wall-jump and moving platforms. The plan is to add voice acting and continue working on the mechanics.

Team Members

Jarno Lahtinen
Rene Schwartz

Juhani Nevala
Isabel Pohjanen
Venla Kähkönen

The game will be available from

Trailer from Instagram:


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