Games Academy Autumn 2019 – Bombini


Bombini is a two-player co-operative pc game inspired by the 80s game Bomberman. You and your friend play as two children tasked with finding your way out of a monster-filled dungeon. Use bombs to break blocks and kill enemies to clear the way. Be careful and try not to get hit though, because you and your friend share health.


Already from the beginning, we agreed to make a Bomberman inspired game. We had plans to make both a single-player mode and a two-player mode, but to limit our scope, we ended up only making the two-player one. We started thinking about different enemy types and power-ups to make the gameplay more varied and came up with a lot of ideas. Some of these had to also be cut out because of time restraints.

Everyone in the team had enough to do and although we encountered some problems along the way we stayed pretty well on schedule.

In the end, we’re quite happy with the game, although it could do with a bit more polish.


  • 20 levels
  • 5 different enemy types
  • 4 pick-ups
  • 3 different traps
  • 2 players



Emilia Aaltonen – UI, misc animations, traps, sounds, level design

Saku Pajari – tiles, character designs, animations, level design, vfx

Eero Salmela – programmer, level design

Arttu Knuutinen – programmer


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