Games academy autumn 2019 – Marbles

Ludens productions team

Kalle Saarinen – Programming
Aapo Rantanen – Programming
Waltteri Junnila – Level design
Tomi Linkinen – Artist

The game


Marbles is a 2D puzzle platformer where player must go through exciting and challenging levels while collecting every ring in the level to get to the finishline and avoiding spikes on the way.



We were working on a different game the first half of this autumn but we had to scrap it because it became too difficult and we would not get it finished for the deadline. We started working on a much simple idea, having our minds in old mobile game called bounce which is also a 2D puzzle platformer. We had a lot of ideas for this but the time was running out and we made this game in about 6 weeks. First week was a bit rough. We knew that time is not in our side and starting new in this point of autumn. But we made it. The ball movement feels smooth as we wanted, levels feels challenging and the art looks nice. We put a lot of time and efford to the ball movement especially.



  • 11 Levels
  • 1 Secret level
  • 2 different obstacles
  • 2 different ball sizes

Link to the game

Play marbles for free in!



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