Games Academy Autumn 2019 – Problemouse

The game

Problemouse is a single-player 2D puzzle game inspired by the classic Bomberman games. In the game you control a mouse and try to escape the mazes with limited amount of bombs.



We wanted to take a different spin to the Bomberman games’ idea and make something new, and so we settled on integrating puzzle game elements into it.

Managing a game project was pretty new to the team, but we were able to keep the scope reasonable. Therefore we finished well in time with a decent amount of content in the game. During the development we received a lot of helpful feedback, which was used to improve the game.



  • 20 different levels to get your brains in a twist
  • Different bomb types
  • Power-ups
  • Time challenges

Team SandSquare

  • Tommi Mäkeläinen: coding
  • Pasi Mäkitalo: coding
  • Pauliina Lahti: coding, level design
  • Marjaana “Beya” Staaf: art
  • Mikko Laitinen: art, level design

Download the game here!

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