Games Academy Autumn 2019 – Slip, Slap ‘n’ Quack!


Jami Salonen – Programmer
Laura Halsinaho – Programmer
Niko Sarkkomaa – Artist
Naksu Kihlakaski – Artist


The Game

Slip, Slap ‘n’ Quack! is a 4 player party game where you compete with your friends to see who is the ultimate penguin. Play as a small penguin and waddle as fast as you can to stay alive.

Slip to go faster, slap to slow down your enemies and quack your way to victory!


At first we got a really good idea of making a game like Frogger but multiplayer, where you play against other players. Everyone agreed on this idea and we decided to stick with it.

In the middle of the project we decided to rework the movement based on the feedback we got. This took quite some time from rest of the features we wanted to implement. In the end we got most of the features we wanted to add to the game and  got them polished to a point we were satisfied with.


– Multiplayer with up to 4 players
– PvP
– Power-ups
– Random generating map
– Controller support


Download link:


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