Games Academy Spring 2018: Heist in the museum

Heist in the museum

by Team Owlet

Step into phantom thief’s shoes!

About the game

For the 3D game project, our team decided to create a stealth game with puzzle elements for PC. The game has a heist theme and is set in an alternative world resembling the early 20th century.

In our game titled Heist In The Museum, you play as a phantom thief that must steal a treasure from a museum vault unnoticed. You control the thief with mouse and keyboard from third person view.

During the heist the thief must figure out how to get the treasure from the vault while avoiding guards. The thief can distract the guards with lights and sounds to make moving in the museum easier. If the thief is detected by a guard, the game is lost. You win the game by escaping the crime scene with the treasure undetected.

In the future, we are planning to release Heist In The Museum on when we have finished polishing it.

Design process

Our vision was to create a 3D game that would have a heist theme and set in an alternate world resembling the early 20th century with a simplistic art style. Our initial game idea was to make a heist themed room escape game for PC. After pitching our original game idea, we needed to rethink it based on the feedback that we received from Gareth Noyce. Therefore, we decided to change the game idea to a stealth game with puzzle elements to cut our workload. The basic concept is still the same as it was in the beginning, but only the puzzles were harshly simplified.

The thief’s heist plan.

Like the name implies, our game, Heist In The Museum, is set in a museum. We spent a lot of time designing the museum layout, its rooms, camera angles and the course of the game. We had to rebuild the whole museum several times until we got the result that we were after. The game currently has one level that is divided into six rooms that contain guards, puzzles and interactable items.

Things don’t go as planned. The vault key parts are missing.

Based on feedback we got from playtests, we changed the thief’s controls a lot during the project. The game was originally controlled only with a mouse but later we settled on mouse and keyboard to make the game experience more pleasant. The thief was also given two different speeds and now players are able to switch between walking and sneaking whenever they want to. While sneaking, the player makes less noise and is harder to detect, which comes in handy, because the guards will notice the player when they come too close. The game is lost when the thief is caught and it gives an option to reload from the moment the player entered the room.

Be wary of being caught as guards patrol the museum.

Our intention is to publish the as game soon as possible on, but for now a playable version is available here for PC:

Google Drive Download

Team Owlet
Nea Ohvo – Project lead, artist
Henrietta Kontio – Artist, composer
Esa Nord – Programmer
Ilkka Tyni – Programmer

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