Games Academy Spring 2019 – Selenites: Maelstrom Whisperer

Team Fake Games
Team Members:

Programmers: Severi Jokiperä, Niko Matikainen
Artist and game design: Luiz Gustavo Bezerra de Lima e Silva
Sounds: Eetu Tähtinen
Music: Elias Laiho


Game Idea

A Hack ‘n Slash style game where you kill tons of enemies by attacking, grabbing, and throwing them, and have many ways to buff yourself, while the enemies get harder.

Game Mechanics

Move around and kill enemies by attacking, grabbing and throwing them. You use the “Maelstrom” mechanic to buff yourself temporarily, and the “Lapis” system to upgrade your stats by collecting things enemies drop.

The game works only on keyboard and mouse.


The game idea was very vague from the start, and that was good and bad. Good in the sense that we had pretty open hands to do what we want, but bad as the scope of the game became way too big way too fast.

Making the game has been a huge learning experience for all of us. Not only about making games, but also working as a team since we had never worked together before.  We’ve had our ups and downs but are stronger as individuals from now on.

Project review

We learned a couple things: If the scope gets way too big way too quickly, quantity gets in the way of quality.


The project is pretty broken, because way too many things had to be done way too fast, but some of the team is going to keep on working on the game, so maybe it’ll work better by the time you read this!


WASD – Move
Mouse – Look Around, Target Enemies
Left Mouse Button – Attack Enemies
Right Mouse Button – Grab Enemies
Right Mouse Button With Enemy Grabbed – Throw Enemy
Middle Mouse Button – Select Target
Middle Mouse Button With Enemy Grabber – Spin Enemy
Q – Start Maelstrom, use ASD to select color, and AD to move around.
I – Inventory
Esc – Pause



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