Games Academy Spring 2020 – Pinnoid VR



Pinnoid VR is a VR game where player tries to destroy evil egg with hitting a bomb towards the egg with a racket. Destroying enemy minions gives player power-ups to help fighting the evil.



The game is inspired by game called Arkanoid and pinball machines. We went for VR because we wanted to know what it takes to make a VR game and also gain experience from making 3D.  We had many different ideas but we thought there were simple and will fit well for VR and we could not find almost none of this kind of game. Start was slow due to lack of knowledge about making a VR game and some members of the team never even had tested virtual reality. The project progressed good but the corona virus made some impact. Two out out of five of the team had access to VR headsets after lockdown so it was harder to make changes to the game while working. In some cases game worked fine in unity but crashed with headset etc. But overall this project turned to be fun and everyone had good time with it.




1 playable level

Different enemies

Beautiful environment

Team Travel Tickets


  • Juuso Hakala                   Programming
  • Miko Hatara                     Art and UI
  • Onni Heinonen               Programming
  • José Pesu-Inácio          Art
  • Waltteri Junnila             Programming

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