Games Academy Autumn – Rune Run

Do you enjoy casual gameplay and light puzzle-elements? Do you enjoy speedrunning and competing against time? If your answer is yes to even one of those questions, Rune Run is the game for you.

Turtle Island Games dedicated their first autumn in TAMK’s Game Academy to bring life to a simple yet fun 2D game Rune Run. The idea is simple: complete the levels as fast as you can and work your way through the game with precision and dedication.

Rune Run started as a clutch of many fun ideas, some of which were in the end left out of the game completely.  After lots of throughout thinking and discussion, the team decided to create a game that followed a basic idea of Pacman and Q’bert: go through a maze and collect items while avoiding enemies to pass the level.

When the main idea of the game was settled upon, the team focused on creating new aspects to the game to make it more exciting: enemies, traps and so much more. Throughout the project we got feedback that the game was too easy, and we did our best to make it more challenging by adding a timer to the game and a three-star based system: getting a perfect record is very hard now, especially in the last couple of levels.

As a six member team, Turtle Island Games faced lots of challenges with time management and communication, but we pulled through with satisfying results.

All and all, we enjoyed our game project and proudly present it to the public eye.

Give it a try yourself!

-Lotta, Roni, Laura, Olli, Minna and Eetu

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