Team KORU – The Fox Thief

Fox Thief is a 2D platformer game in which the player aims at gaining high score by collecting treasure, fighting enemies and surviving in the dangerous mazes of various locations.

Team koru:

Programming: Samu Aronen, Miika Laurila
Graphics: Terhikki Kataja, Oona Laakso
Audio: Konsta Savolainen

What has been done in the project?

We have created a simple 2D platformer game in which the objective to get a high score by collecting treasure on scattered around in a level. The player can move quickly around the level by jumping off the walls and sliding on the ground in the level.

The stages are “endless” meaning that the game ends when the health of a player reaches zero. The actual level layouts however have boundaries. The layout of the two levels in the game is randomly generated during each play. There is also one collectible diamond to which an arrow on the edge of the screen is pointing to

There are different types of enemies in the levels which will keep becoming more powerful as long as longer the player is alive. The enemies will also start spawning faster the longer player stays alive.

After the player dies, their score is recorded on a local highscore board. The second stage is locked and will unlock if player gets 10 000 points on the first level.

Game Design and development progress

The game design decisions were discussed and decided in team meetings during Mondays. After that the game was developed further during the rest of the week.

Even if we did our best with trying to get the project going right from the start, the workload built up towards the end. In addition, we had to make some compromises on our game in order to keep on schedule.
As a group we felt like having a project manager would have made a huge difference with time management and would have made the progression of the overall project a lot easier.



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