GA Autumn 2023 – Cat Detector Tampere

Cat Detector Tampere is a cute point and click puzzle game, where you get to find 100 unique cats hidden through a stylistic 2d visualization of Tampere. These cats come in many different shapes and forms, and some of the even interact with the environment! 

We didn’t have the idea for the project for the initial pitching, but we quickly came up for it afterwards and we always had something new to show during presentation. The style and gameplay are inspired by both the “Travelling cats” puzzle game series and “Where is waldo”. 

With achievements you can unlock high resolution stickers from some of the cats you find that you can decorate your title screen, however you like! 

Download the beta version:

Password: MiuMau

Team Nyaa :3 

Art: Ronja Heimonen 

Code: Kristian Törmä, Inka Harilainen 

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