Last wave at Statron

Last wave at Statron

Team Statroware: Hannes Salo, Eetu Maunuksela, Eeva Säilä, Jonas Forsman, Terhikki Kataja, Lassi Kähärä

The game

Last wave at Statron is a scifi themed RTS/Tower-defense game set on an alien planet. Defend your main base from aliens for as long as you can by building units and structures.

The player starts out with the main base and a couple light units. A few enemies start attacking towards the main base. The player can choose to build generators to provide more income, start making more units through a barracks-building or build defensive turrets to deny enemies coming from a certain direction.

The enemy “snails” and “whales” rush towards the base in ever-increasing amounts, wave by wave. Try to build up an effective defense quick and you might just survive for longer than last time.


Hannes had the original idea about Last wave at Statron, which was basically just to make some sort of a scifi RTS. So we started to develop the game from there. At the beginning we had several options on how to approach and execute the game from the original idea. We had long discussions between the group, and had some direction from our tutors in order to make the game doable within the timeframe we had.

We met every week, and discussed about what everyone is going to do each week. At first our scope was too big for this time frame, but in the end we were able to make a playable game.

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